The Concept of Modular Mailroom Furniture

The furniture selection and planning lay-out of “The Post Room” is overlooked to your detriment. The Concept of Modular Mailroom Furniture, Mailrooms, Facilities Hubs or Office Services Environments, are the glue that keep an office running effectively and the larger the organisation the more essential the efficiency and ergonomic effectiveness of the back office. A well-planned mailroom can improve document flow, monitor activity levels, provide supplementary facilities services such as stationery or consumables distribution, provide a location and a labour resource for remote reprographics and in-house document publishing, or act as the hub for electronic document management digitising, direct marketing control, customer relationship management or office security.

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Planning the efficient Mailroom

The Office Services or Mailroom space plan requires a careful consideration of mail routings in order to maximise efficiency. Planning the furniture and equipment in different ways can affect productivity significantly. Illustrated below are examples of ‘Bad Work Flow’ (left) where the mail and staff cross back and forth, to be compared against ‘Good Work Flow’ (right) where the mail flows smoothly and unobstructed through the mailroom from start to finish. In this example we are showing a large and regularly-proportioned room although many companies are unable to provide this consideration.

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What is rough sorting?

Rough Sorting is the process of dividing the total post received into large sub-sections or batches; for onward distribution and fine sorting at other branches, mail hubs or into ancillary fine sort compartments. Larger offices might devote specific furniture or locations to Rough Sorting, as opposed to using free space on a bench.