Quartermaster System

In most office service environments there is a need for robust and hygienic open shelving – either for storage or as a transient holding area for larger stationery items or parcels. Modular shelving provides the opportunity to re-configure or re-organise if the need arises after a time.

Quartermaster is constructed from zinc-chromate-coated steel for optimum performance. This modular racking system not only looks good but is also incredibly strong, easy to assemble and can be configured to suit your needs and the available space. Adjust the height of the shelves, attach whole bays together in straight rows, L shapes, U shapes or island units. Create your own custom modular storage solution – and all without tools. L configurations can be made without a corner post at the front by using link hooks on the return shelves, allowing clear access.


  • A high quality Open Shelf storage system for offices, mailrooms, reprographic or print rooms, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • The upright posts form a strong frame that stays rigid even in single bays. Each post is height-adjustable for levelling.
  • Upright posts of 1700mm height can also be reduced if required.
  • Each shelf is adjustable in height in 50mm increments to allow for planning of storage for different sized items.
  • The zinc chromate coated steel construction has a safe smooth edge design.
  • Framed heavy gauge wire shelving allows good air flow and assists in preventing an accumulation of dust.
  • No tools are required for rapid self-assembly allowing storage areas to be created or adapted at will. Units can be easily augmented by adding additional bays.